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Cannon’s roar: Lieutenant Coningsby Dawson’s verse volleys from his “The Glory Of The Trenches” 1918

Photo of Dawson circa 1916 – 1917 taken in Newark, New Jersey, USA by Walters Lieutenant Coningsby Dawson (born: February 26, 1883 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England – died: August 10, 1959) was a 1905 University of Oxford graduate who dropped … Continue reading

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The Debt a Canadian Anglophile bucolic verse

As the war dragged on and casualties mounted how did Canadian born or longer term residents in Canada poetically respond to the ultimate sacrifices made? Here is a late war probably written in latter 1917 or the first half of … Continue reading

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“On Patrol” rare HMCS Grilse 1916 poem

Here is a very rare 1916 poem written by Bertrand Lawrence Twinn (born August 27, 1887 near London, England – died: 1972) who served as a clerk in the Canadian Navy during WWI. The poem appeared inside a 1916 Greetings … Continue reading

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Female Poets of the First World War List of Female Poets includes Canada Section

From a Great Britain blog “Female Poets of the First World” – List of Female Poets which includes a separate section on Canadian female poets of the war (as of June 26 2016 39 listed!): Main URL: The … Continue reading

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Canada Lad a Manchester England poetic paen

“Canada Lad” is a poem on the last page of the immediate post-war published memoirs “Maple Leaves In England” Manchester, England: n.d. (circa 1920) of a very kind “The Little Mother” from Manchester England (aka Mrs. M. Bagshaw) who opened … Continue reading

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Mid-war recruiting poem for the 220th Battalion (12th. York Rangers)

Sergeant Horace Henry Anderson,living in Toronto with his wife and one boy aged 8 decided to enlist into the 220th Battalion during the hectic recruiting drives of 1916 when multiple battalions were competing for recruits. An electrician by trade and … Continue reading

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You can take the country out of the girl but you can’t take the girl out of the country

“Farmerettes” Oh, we are the farmerettes, Done up in assorted sets. It was such a pity To stay in the city Along with the slackerettes. A verse composed by V. M. Wright (possibly of Toronto, Ontario) and published: “The Globe”, … Continue reading

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