Fair Sex Verses – A Sisterhood of Suffering and Service: Women and Girls of Canada and Newfoundland during the First World War

Glassford, Sarah and Shaw, Amy (editors)
“A Sisterhood Of Suffering And Service: Women and Girls of Canada and Newfoundland during the First World War”
Vancouver, British Columbia: UBC Press, 2012 x, 346 pages ISBN: 978 – 0 – 7748 – 2256 – 5

Besides direct quotes and some references to war time generated verses this modern collection of history essays has two excellent studies of Canadian war poetry, viz.:

Part 4: Creative Responses
Chapter 10 Hallett, Vicki S. “Verses in the Darkness: A Newfoundland Poet Responds to the First World War” pp. 245 – 269
Hallett discusses both war-time and post-war produced Newfoundland outport Phebe Florence Miller’s (1889 – 1979) verses in detailed context. Her essay is a fine example of modern scholarship placing verses into the cultural milieu in which they were generated. And of course one of her better known war-time verses was called “The Knitting Mariana (with apologies to Tennyson)” extracts of which are given at page 248 of her essay. Naturally with my foot fetish I noticed that one! This poem first appeared in “The Distaff” whose first issue also appeared in 1916 (for the entire issue see: “The Distaff: In Aid of Red Cross Branch Newfoundland W.P.A.”
[ Women’s Patriotic Association ] St. John’s, Newfoundland, 1916 Covers, 9 pages of advertisements plus 20 text pages. For the full text of Miller’s “The Knitting Mariana” see: http://collections.mun.ca/cdm/fullbrowser/collection/cns_period/id/2816/rv/compoundobject/cpd/2848/rec/1
Chapter 11 Kennedy, Lynn “‘Twas You, Mother, Made Me a Man”: The Motherhood Motif in the Poetry of the First World War.” pp. 270 – 292

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